Celebrities view lantern festival

Chinese Lantern Festival is more and more popular in the world, in many places, more and more celebrities join lantern festival.

Zigong has long history of holding lantern shows. Since 1964 when lantern show was restored, the new generation of lantern craftsmen have succeeded to carry forward the national culture to revitalize lantern art and brought in a wider perspective for the development of Zigong Lantern Festival. The scene of show grows larger, the lantern making technique becomes exquisite, individual lanterns develop group lanterns or lantern sets, static lamps evolve kinetic lanterns and lantern show layout is managed from plane to tridimension. The modern Zigong Lantern Festival decorated as fiery trees and silver flowers and as brilliant as the Milk Way has been turned into an unprecedented development stage.

The Lantern Festival exceed the limit of Sichuan Basin and display lantern show abroad, it reveals the powerful vitality of excellent traditional Chinese culture and builds up a new bridge for the old salt capital to approach the world.

It has become the principle of the constantly developed Zigong Lantern Festival “to utilize lantern show as media to make more friends and revitalize local economy; to take lantern show as the glory to inspire the local people to construct a better Zigong”. Since 1987, Zigong International Dinosaur Lantern Festivals that were held all through the ages in Zigong and the lantern shows held both home and abroad have insisted on the integration of lantern show and trade. Undoubtedly speaking, it played a positive role in acceleration of the economic development of Zigong.

Digest of Former president Comrade Jiang Zemin’s speech at the national conference of foreign publicity in 1990 – “In recent years, many cities have utilized the integration of culture and economy to make foreign publicity. The International Kite Festival in Weifang and the Dinosaur Lantern Festival in Zigong set up the successful examples.”



Zigong Lantern Festival to Beijing

At night, the Panchen Lama, vice chairman of his party more than 20 people, the credentials Lin comrades, waiting to board the cruise, enjoy the Evening Breeze in colored lights along the lake. Vice chairman of the inquiry was interested in ,---- history of the development of Zigong Lantern Festival, how much was spent to prepare a long, long exhibition in Beijing, Zigong to the number of people ... ... and so on. Boat cruise in the lake, the Panchen Another boat on the nearby asked, Hey, good? When the steel factory lights in front of Wulong leisure, the Chinese lantern at Panchen quite interest, said: "The opening look at near point . "boat people who are interested in following its huge success glamor: Zigong Lantern Festival" to Beijing to increase the style, "" Nantianmen, Moon Palace, monkeys, daughter of the country everything, really Eight Immortals, display their talents Nice! great! "" 5 yuan a ticket is 50 yuan a also worth a visit! "

Credentials Comrade Lin, vice chairman of the detailed responses to the questioning of the Zigong Dinosaur Excavation introduced Zigong industrial and agricultural production. Panchen two said: "I must go after the Zigong look!" Zigong Lantern Festival Park in the North Sea during the exhibition, almost all into the party and state leadership are going to see, were all spirits, he kept praise, praise the brilliant spectacular Zigong Lantern Festival , praised the Kit Kat Zigong Lantern gorgeous, smart way to praise the people of Zigong in conjunction with light trade, with the expansion of awareness, linked with economic development "to light as the media, make friends, to revive the economy" model. They are: Deng Xiaoping, Yang Shangkun, Deng Yingchao, Song Ping, Qin Jiwei, Bo Yibo, Gu Mu, Ngapoi? Ngawang Jigme, Wang Ping, Liu Lan Tao, Jiang Hua, Li Desheng, Yang Dezhi, Chen Xilian, Hu Qiaomu, Geng Biao, Huang Zhen , Kang Shien, Kang Keqing, Hong Xuezhi, Zhang Tingfa, Deng Liqun and other comrades. A local medium and small cities organized carnivals had attracted so many party and state leaders, this large-scale cultural activities in the capital's history, it is indeed rare.


Beta Beta sc2

Yesterday, I get StarCraft 2 BETA of KEY from Taobao, playing 25 games, forget write my Chinese Lantern Festival blog.

I think:
Audio: There is no one like sonorous and forceful, crisp, fighting like a bunch of toy soldiers in the runs, a fanatic of the knife and fork sound (remember sc1's time everywhere can hear the ring into the Internet cafe), tank deformation sound all gone, it did not get very personal sound.

Screen: the current results can only play the minimum opening, no evaluation, the lowest result it wants under the miserable performance.

Rhythm: StarCraft 2 winning feeling is that what main Rush, who lost to an end, not like Star did play a macro strategy, not a hero's death accelerated version of WAR3?

Strategy: My feeling is that both arms Baotuan, then Rush, the end was like a wave flowing stream, but also a lot of improvement, such ornamental bad.

Delay: The Taiwan telecom service test, probably dropped about 15%, delay, and lag can not be avoided, short lag is always uncomfortable.

Players: half players is very good.

I have a little disappointed, probably expected too much, such circumstances to use to buy a station serving more than 600 formal KEY, I will consider whether to buy the next.


The oldest lantern poem

Today I write a post about the oldest lantern poem which named TingLiao in the world, in the modern time, lantern poem and the lantern riddles are often written on the Chinese lanterns in the Lantern Festival.

In front the invention of the light, our ancestors used to light the torch, the torch known as the “candle” at the time, candle is divided into 2 cases: “out side the door named big candela (大烛), in the house named TingLiao (庭燎).” At about the sixth centred BC, there is poem that named TingLiao in the “The Book of Poetry“.


The means from this poem

The 1st paragraph describing the scene at midnight, courtier lit up candelas in the midst of the night was ready to enter the palace to prepare for meetings inch the morning,

The 2nd paragraph is the description of candles have a brightly lit by the courtier and emperor before dawn.

The 3rd paragraph said that the candlelight was already covered by the sunlight in dawn.These verse form depicts a scene of audience palace in the morning, it showed the emperor rule the country hardly.

This is the oldest lantern poem, its vivid description, rhetorical, jingle, can be said to create the form of lantern poem, is the originator of lantern poem.

Article from:http://www.lantern-festival.com/about-lantern-festival/the-oldest-lantern-poem.html

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Singapore Chinatown's lantern festival

I've write a new post on my Chinese Lantern Festival site.

Singapore Chinatown(牛车水) held the Lantern Festival at every new year, Lantern Festival, Moon Festival (or called Mid-Autumn Festival), for the matters of the foreign policy and the language we have a local partner “Lanterns In Motion” is responsible for relating matters of Singapore local projects, here is our program of Singapore Mid-Autumn Lantern Festival 2007 at Singapore Chinatown.

to view the pictures of this program Singapore Chinatown Mid-Autumn Lantern Festival Program Design

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lantern festival activity process

Holding a large activity is not a easy thing for everybody so that I post a article on my site.

References:Lantern Festival Process

If you want run a Lantern Festival, you must attach importance to the process of holding a Lantern Festival.

1. the Market Investigation

The organizers should take a the local market investigation for analysis before holding a lantern festival.
Including: adequate space, power supply situation, the local people’s consumption level and preferences, whether ever seen a Lantern Festival, what kind of the lantern festival is they expect, etc.. And then create a preliminary idea and direction. And begin the next step to consider.

2. Revenue Projections

* Ticket sales
* The theme of the total title revenue
* Lanterns Title income
* Consolidated operating income such as: (tickets, venue rental, merchandise stall rental)
* Exhibited the venue all kinds of Advertising Revenue
* Other Comprehensive Utilization of local conditions the development of income

3. To determine the purpose.

Theme, time, location of the lantern festival.

4. Set up a lantern festival organizer headquarters

* The headquarters responsible by the commander, headquarters consists of six departments:
* Planning Director: in charge of all the planning, arrangements for the lantern festival;
* Art Director: Responsible for the layout of the Lantern Festival and the Quality;
* Finance Director: Responsible for the entire financial and ticketing management of the Lantern Festival;
* Commercial Director: in charge of the investment and other matters related to investment;
* Office: responsible for the daily working arrangements during the Lantern Festival;
* Security Department: responsible for security at the Lantern Festival.

5. Preparation of funds

* Organizer directly into
* Multilateral cooperation, a joint venture

6. The allocation of funds

* 60% into the production of Lanterns
* 30% into a variety of media (including press conferences, posters, tickets, advertising investment, law and order, security, etc.)
* 10% into the integrated management costs (including: personnel expenses, office expenses, miscellaneous expenses, reception of foreign exchange, etc.)

7. Commissioning a professional lantern festival company to overall planning and designing
The planning and design include: according to the theme of organizers and related information, using of traditional Chinese culture, combined with the public host, folk regional culture, as well as corporate culture, and the scale of investment, to reasonable plan and design and avoid security risks.

8. Lantern Festival organizer headquarters according to the plan to design, arrangement

Organizers according to overall planning and design of the Lantern Festival projects, management lanterns’ making, advertising and investment, and tender commission.

9. The production of professional Lantern Company specialized
Selectting a professional lantern company which must very proficient in the production and installation of Lantern complex.

10. Lantern Display
During the exhibition, relevant departments should make a law and order, fire plan to eliminate the risks.

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Some Lantern Festival activities often show in the Lantern Festival

I have writing a post about Lantern Festival activities, it costs me much time to finish it, I need to up my English skill level.

In Chinese Lantern Festival, there are so many folk activities in this Festival not only watching the lantern display, now I’ll introduce most of the Lantern Festival activities often show in the Lantern Festival for you.

1. Giant Lantern Display

As we know that the most important activity is watching the lantern display. I have post many information about it, in this post I’ll not talk too much about it.

Lantern Display

Lantern Display

2.Palm fibre weaving

Palm fibre weaving can make many great folk crafts which were made with hemp palm, like the bird, grasshopper and so on, it often exhibitis in the lantern display ground, people will watch the craftsmen’s show, and buy his crafts.

Palm fibre weaving bird

Palm fibre weaving bird

3. A drum-shaped rattle for children

Many people will buy a rattle drum for their children in Lantern Festival, When the seller keeps rocking their drum, the children often ask their mother for this gift.

drum-shaped rattle

drum-shaped rattle

4. Embroidery

In the Lantern Festiva facts, I have said the Chinese Lantern Festival is Chinese Valentine’s Day, in the ancient, if a girl is not good at embroidry, she would be thought that she is not a good wife, so even in the recent, this traditional craft is often exhibition in the Lantern Festival, people often buy a animal embroidery of this year for the next year’s auspicious.



5.Dragon and Phoenix Calligraphy

A painting viewed from afar looks like a dragon and phoenix, but nearly see is your name, some folk calligrapher often show their high-level skill in the Lantern Festival, if you paid some money, they will creat a unique Dragon and Phoenix Calligraphy with your name for you, in this year, a disabled person uses his mouth to creat a paining for me.

Dragon and Phoenix Calligraphy

Dragon and Phoenix Calligraphy

6. Chinese Kungfu show

Chinese Kungfu show also know as the Chinese martial arts, it is originated from Chinese ancient ancestors’ productive labor . It takes skill-hit as the main content and wrestling as the movement form which highlights Chinese traditional sport items. It is a valuable cultural heritage that the Chinese people accumulated for a long time. In the picture, you can see some Shaolin disciplesshow their Kungfu in the Lantern Festival.

Kung fu show

Kung fu show

7. Dragon Dance

Dragon is a very important and holy animal for Chinese, the Dragon Dance originated during the Han Dynasty, it is a form of traditional dance and performance in Chinese Lantern Festival. It likes the lion dance which is most often seen in festival celebrations.

dragon dance

dragon dance

8. Lion Dance

Lion dance is a form of traditional dance in Chinese culture, in which performers mimic a lion’s movements in a lion costume. The lion dance is often mistaken as dragon dance. An easy way to tell the difference is that a lion is operated by two people, while a dragon needs many people. Also, in a lion dance, the performers’ faces are covered, since they are inside the lion.

lion dance

lion dance


Chinese acrobatics performance already had a more than 2,500 years’ history in China, it’s as a folk art to display human body skills . It often show with other art like song , dance , Zaju , puppet etc in the Lantern Festival’s arena.



10.Opera Show

Opera Show is originated from primitive songs and dances. Through a long-time development and absorbtion of many factors like folk dance, performance, Kungfu and other art. It forms an artistic expression form of using multiway to express life and build personages. Chinese opera show embodies the unique opera ascetic ideas and artistic features of Chinese nation.

opera show

opera show

11.Face Changing Show

Sichuan opera is the operatic-tune art form with Sichuan charateristics. Face changing and spitting fire are the two most common and influential traditional stunts in Sichuan opera performance art. Its basic goal lies in helping to portray personages’ image .

Face Changing show

Face Changing show


Lantern Festival is a happy holidays, surely it can not out of firecrackers, especially the celebration of Chinese New Year and Lantern Festival by Chinese communities around the world.



13. Guessing the Lantern riddles

People in the festival must guess the answer from a word , a poem or a phrase, guessing the riddles are as hard as fighting with a tiger, so that lantern riddles have another name - ‘lantern tigers’ .

Lantern Riddles

Lantern Riddles

14.Puppet Show

The Chinese Puppet Show is known as mu’ouxi (play of wooden dolls), in the country, which has its roots in remote time. Traditionally, Puppet Show comes in three forms: the rod-top puppet, the marionette or string puppet and the glove or hand puppet. In China, the rod-top puppet is the most popular show.

Puppet Show

Puppet Show

15.Shadow Theater

Shadow Theater is the appellation of shadow show and its personages products ( including props and sceneries) . Chinese Shadow Theater, which is simple and elegant with profound national flavour, has the value both for appreciation and reservation.

Shadow Theater

Shadow Theater

After all, I think you can know about the Lantern Festival is a carrier of culture, not only Chinese folk activities can show in this festival, anything you can think will very easy join the Lantern Festival. So, When we creat the Lantern Festival in other country, China and other country’s culture and activities can very easy hybrid.

from:Lantern Festival Activities

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