Into the Square, this year's Lantern Festival Lantern Lane

Gray tiles and white walls, simple lantern. Fang Qi Xiang 2010, three lantern carnivals are tentatively set at the February 24 -28 Day (the first month the first month 11 to 15) respectively. Unlike previous years, the lantern from the traditional main street towards Place Lane, from watermelon lamp, sheep, lamp, lotus lamp, etc. South Backstreet traditional patterns Tiaoda Liang, allowing you through history, enjoy all the charm of ancient Min.

Yesterday, reporter learned from Fuzhou Square Qixiang MC was informed that this year's Lantern Festival, will be divided into three main light area and the Square, Qi Xiang, vice light district two parts.

The main light areas, including South Back Street, clothing Kam Fong, Wen-ju Square, Langguan Lane, Tower Lane, Yellow Lane, Min Lane, Temple Lane, will be mainly traditional hanging lanterns; in ensuring the smooth flow of people, under the premise part of the open space layout of 3 Square Qixiang humanities content of a revolving door.

Vice-light districts, including Kyrgyzstan shelter Road, Guanglu Square, Guang-lu Yin Taiwan, Macao Road, Tung Wu Road, etc., will be mainly light atmosphere of lights and groups.

"Lantern Festival tradition, beautiful, simple and streamlined the main. To light as the carrier, the main street will be introduced from the traditional Square Lane space, through the promotion of three Fang Qi Xiang's cultural history and ancient residential architectural style, local characteristics, Fuzhou, reproduce traditional patterns. "the official said.

Guandeng reminder: Backstreet main road north from the south exit, and out of South Exit; from the right and left into the Square, the South Backstreet Lane diversion, only about not enter.

Vice-Light District

Ji Pei Road: Fuzhou traditional lanterns decorative string lights.

Guanglu Place: Fuzhou traditional lanterns decorative string lights.

Guanglu Yin Taiwan: Fuzhou Folk as the main content of the LED lamps.

Macau Road: Fuzhou traditional small lanterns, firecrackers lamp post, green atmosphere of lights, a small lamp posts, Fuzhou traditional lamps and Fuzhou Folk Culture for the content of the group of lamps (parking lot next to the open space).

Pass Lake Road: LED atmosphere lighting, roads on both sides of a small lantern.

Music, fireworks

Debut of "two horses Lantern Festival"

N reporter Li-Ping Zhu

PRC Provincial Tourism Bureau yesterday's news, the eighth "two horses with the Spring Lantern Festival" event will be held February 23 to March 5 (first month in Malaysia and Singapore to the first month 20) was held in Fuzhou, and a change in previous years, Folk Cai Jie form, the establishment of centers performing with the fireworks discharge area to reflect the "two horses" clan homologous theme.

Mawei Large Light Show set the main light district one, with "two horses close, Fujian and Taiwan edge, the Chinese situation," the main line, and grouped Song Ma Du Square, 54 parks, docks, etc. 7 on the 1st Vice-light district, showing the political culture vessel , overseas Chinese culture, corporate culture, and intangible cultural heritage, style and so on.

Opening night party at the first month 14 speech, music and fireworks show will debut, fireworks accompanied by red classics, national classical, European classical music, the rhythm started, fireworks will last for about 33 minutes. Folk performances or exhibitions in previous years, folk Caijie changed the form of performance areas in line with the establishment of centers to conduct fireworks.


China Western Electric into a five-year listing on the first team to break the GEM stocks are also break

28, China's Western Electric will be listed on the first day down 1.39%, to become self-August 18, 2006 Air China listed on the first day since the first intraday break.

China Western Electric issue price of 7.90 yuan, after the opening bell today, climbed to 8.19 yuan, but then all the way down shock 7 minutes later below issue price of 7.90 yuan. Unit low of 7.75 yuan to close at 7.79 yuan.

It is reported that since August 18, 2006 Air China listed on the first day since the first disk break, but also following the August 11, 2004 MIZUDA later, another one listed on the first day closing price below the issue of new shares .

Market participants said the high price of new shares issued is a "break" the curse. Statistics show that last year in June, an average circulation of new stock price-earnings ratio of 32.89 times, while in December last year, an average circulation rose to 65.45 times earnings, to January 2010, an average of 35 new shares issued up to 66.87 times earnings.

Similarly, the 28-day listing until 7 days Star scale models and shares the lead story platform and become a GEM "break" and "pioneer."


DARKER THAN BLACK - contract who - outside

Original BONES · Okamura days Saito
Supervision Okamura days Saito
Script Kan Shotaro
Were set up original Yuji Iwahara
Who set the overall supervision of painting Takahiro Komori
Music Ishii proper division

January 27 with the Gemini meteor Volume 2 on sale the first one, then

Official Profile

In the "Tokyo Explosion" behind the unknown disaster, there is an active contract who secretly - code-named "black", known as the black death man. Created with the "organization" hostile incidents, black, and his companions, as a DOLL silver foot along the road of exile. Their side defeat the assassins sent by the organization, while advancing to the south. With everyone at the end of lonely exile journey, the two trustworthy, reliable, and only to each other just ... ...

Under the summer sun, black and silver won find a moment's rest. However, the happy time does not take long, deep cold darkness have been quietly approaching. This is a loss of self-DOLL silver with black coexistence days, gradually began to show its own independent will. Changes to the silver black puzzled anxiety, but do not understand what this means that the fact that

For the changes taking place in their own, silver is also very distressed. Like and black together, but if this situation continues, then ... ... the silver sniper who targeted the emergence of new struggles have been ignited. The choice of fate once again come to the black head. Almost torn between the two fetters of the prelude to the tragedy being played quietly beginning ... ...


Black (wood Neixiu letter)

South America during the Black Death has a name on the killer. In my knowledge of the case, the white sister, the ability to use the material transforms into the body, which inherited the ability to BK201 contract. Because the original is not its capacity, so there is no cost to use.
Big stomach is a natural physical
South America to find his sister after the incident and stayed in the "organization" within the. Tokyo Explosion selection of co-existence of mankind and contracts were a "third way"
Age / nationality / Yi Gai whose real name is unknown. Many people understand his sister's book called Chinese "The Star", so at least could be Chinese-American
As a general view that projection, and its rumored debut at the age of 23 years old

Silver (Fu Yuan Mei-li)

Whose real name is Kirsi (Kirsi, the meaning is the cherry), Finns
Congenital blindness, but excellent hearing, so generally act alone
Hit by an early age his parents died of the incident, which later became DOLL (cause unknown) and was absorbed into the "organization." Resort to wearing dark purple Gothic fitted dress participating in his father's funeral
Tokyo Explosion on the eve of a small team in black as intelligence gathering, usually an apartment in the vicinity of a black cigarette shop business
Re beginning to have "heart" as well as the evolution of DOLL because of the impact in the black
Rumor in the debut age of 18 years

Mystery の Female

Rumor that the first words of a debut, as a black and silver of the residents in Okinawa to stay in hotels close to the black
Looks exactly like Amber

Problems left over from the first quarter of

1, "the lack of matching black and silver bedding"

Apparent vertical flag story is very considerable. They are the first words of 6,12,13,14,16,18,24,25

2, the relationship between black and Amber

Amber close ally of the past, coupled with unreserved love of black, resulting in a "they had been lovers," a strong impression of
But in fact, including three set collection, including all official settings where neither given such an argument
A section of notes from the Fanbook can see, both for the first time until the last of each other's open-minded and

All configuration information related to Amber see behind the package to download

3, white whereabouts

From South America to Tokyo five years has been integration exists in the black body form
Until Tokyo Explosion pm at the Fushigi Hoshi no space and my brother had Farewell
After dark is the simple ability to retain state. This also explains the first two quarter of the loss of capacity in the black is not very shaken because

Fragmentary news / gossip / confidential

* Volume 1 meteor Twins first three weeks of sales of 10004 in October 1000 were behind in the first Fan

· OVA rumor that occurred in the first quarter, a year after the end of

* Black Silver said that two of going to Okinawa in order to route through to China

In the first quarter, an initial configuration, silver styling is rather to the double braid Meganekko taste, which subsequently were transferred to the two setting and Indian women are not Misaki. Concept maps are as follows

* Silver Geteluoli forms that are due to the whim of Yuji Iwahara. After the final proposal has been greatly simplified. Originally designed as a pure hardcore DTB also the beginning of the animation elements into the Moe

· Amber was originally designed to be disease-Jiao temperament. This is why some magazines map with the initial impression was a far cry from the actual

* Okamura-day fasting is the fog of the original party

* Komori Takahiro is a black and silver party

* The official colleagues of this is the picture book. Did not see someone release. Looks like India is currently increasing


Live "impression of Da Hong Pao"

Southeast Express Wuyishan Ta Kung Pao (correspondent Wu Haihong) last night, Wuyishan raining. By Zhang Yimou, Wang Chao songs, Fan Yue co-director of the "impression of Da Hong Pao" performance in the Wuyi mountains Virtual formal audition, newspaper reporters and the nearly mainstream media watched the performance. Tells the legend of King and the beautiful woman, as well as the origin of Dahongpao two stories, the other is the performance of a bucket of tea and tea production process.

Directed by Wang Chao songs in the show before the speech, said: "We go out a car door in a variety of house, we are also farther and farther away from nature. Thanks to this rain, so we have the opportunity harmony with nature."

Performed in order to Wuyi Mountain tea culture throughout. A beginning, a group of restaurant waiters introduce themselves came to power, their clothing style and the "three guns Pai An Jing Qi," exactly the same style of small and medium Shenyang. A restaurant waiter, said: "My name is Zhang Yimou, I have come to the tour guide kickbacks." Remarks amused the audience into laughter. Next, Affan Da Li Qingzhao, Furong sister, and turns to the stage, bustling.

Next, a group of women Dazhuodenglong light from the forest, walking towards the audience, people not help think of the "Raise the Red Lantern", but simply replaced the red lanterns orange paper lanterns, reflects the beautiful scenery of Wuyi Mountain.

360-degree audience began to spin, so the audience brought a bamboo forest, this scene clearly a "House of Flying Daggers," the shadow, while the two men Yimei fluttering and dancing lightly, but also reminiscent of a "hero." Blink of an eye, bamboo array a change in a bucket of tea knight in 5-meter-high bamboo fly over the 360-degree "Skywalk", attracted the audience burst of applause.

The Mount Wuyi Tea knight who plays the Big Dipper Chaofei pain accounts for HAPPY: "I want a 'bamboo forest' where circling flight, beginning with the place, and everyone I have thrown a go, that day my leg is Wu Qing, and simply can not walk. "But the next day, accounting for Chaofei wounded again, and continue his" night "training, such as rehearsals, which lasted a full two months before allowing it to do more action in place.

News discovered during the performance, many actors, or with obvious local accent, some people worry that the majority of the actors participating in the performance is not a trained professional from the local ordinary people, this will affect the quality of the performances?

Directed by Wang Chao songs responded in an interview said: "Here the landscape is a living actor's image may be less than perfect, but they are native-born locals, standing on the stage is very harmonious, very appropriate. We have to maximize the show Wuyishan mountain, water, tea, it is necessary to use such a harmonious way. "


China's Internet is open

Q: The U.S. Secretary of State Bill Clinton on the 21st on the "Internet freedom" made a speech, which talked about China's Internet management policies that the Chinese restrictions on Internet freedom, Does China have any comment on that?

A: The U.S. accused China's Internet management policies, insinuate Chinese restrictions on Internet freedom. For this contrary to the fact that damage Sino-US relations, words and deeds, we are firmly opposed.

China's Internet is open, China is also the most active state development of the Internet, to the end of last year, China's netizens reached 384 million, the website reached 3.68 million, 180 million blog. Chinese citizens freedom of speech protected by the Constitution to promote the development of the Internet is our consistent policy. China has its own national conditions and cultural tradition, China's management of the Internet adhere to the law in line with common practice in the world.

Chinese law prohibits any form of network hacking and infringement of citizens privacy act. China is the world's leading victim of hacker attacks. China stands for closer international cooperation to crack down on hackers, and maintain network security and legal protection of citizens privacy.

We urge the U.S. side to respect facts and stop using the so-called freedom of the Internet makes unjustified accusations against China. We hope the U.S. with the Chinese side to earnestly implement the two leaders on the development of the consensus reached by the new era of Sino-US relations, strengthen dialogue, exchanges and cooperation, respect each other's core interests and major concerns and properly handle differences and sensitive issues in order to safeguard Sino-US relations in a healthy and stable development.


Some are worried about high unemployment

The fear of a speculative bubble in China's enthusiasm for investing in this country, tempered confidence in U.S. markets has increased, according to a survey by Bloomberg News.

In just three months, the feeling against the U.S. investment climate will be refunded. Nearly six in 10 respondents interviewed Tuesday said they are optimistic about the United States, while most were pessimistic about a poll in October. A child nine months to rally the United States
Equities, Standard & Poors 500 is 61 percent driven by a close Friday.

The strongest feeling against test early last week, with a net sale-off. The survey was conducted on the eve of the U.S. --
Stocks began the largest of the three machines updated since March. This decrease is partly due to the phone with President Obama Thursday on the size and limited trading activities of financial institutions. A further reduction came Friday, after several key Senate Democrats withdrew their support for a second term as chairman of Fed, Ben S. Bernanke.

Economic experts from the United States in research administration saw Obama has proposed measures to negative consequences. About 77 percent said Obama is very anti-business, and the majority said that taxes on insurance premiums were too high. But they are optimistic about the future than it was six months ago.

Some are worried about high unemployment and chronic budget deficits, too, but the sense that the broader economy is getting better, said Ann Selzer, president of Selzer & Co, Iowa, according to a survey the company conducted research. And: There is a sharp contrast to the warm environment, there are only three months, he said.

The number of U.S. investors, who marched to improve the U.S. economy is growing steadily through two quarterly surveys to see more than doubled since July.

The quarterly survey by Bloomberg Global investors were traders and analysts on six continents to interviews with a sample of 873 subscribers to Bloomberg News, based on manufacturers to markets, finance and the economy. The poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.3 percentage points.

China is the world's fastest growing economy as a bubble with 62 percent of respondents felt. About a third said China offered the best opportunities for investment in coming years is almost for first place with the United States and Brazil, although largely in October, where 44 percent of China had classified the better.

This time, nearly three out of 10 investors, said China was the largest loss, ranking it the second most risky market, after the European Union.

Increased after the granting of new bank loans in China last year reached record levels, said Liu Mingkang bank, said lending limits for banks and reduce the overall credit growth.
China's Shanghai Composite Index fell 95.02 points, or 2.9 percent on fears that the central bank rates of interest nation address May. The index lost 3.8 percent this year, making China the worst performance among the 10 largest stock markets.

China reported that gross domestic product grew 10.7 percent in the fourth quarter, the biggest increase by one quarter since 2007.

The vast majority of non-payment of debt service on the horizon this year, according to research. Greece is considered the most dangerous by the government of Argentina, Russia, Ireland, Portugal, Italy, Spain and Mexico.

Overall, however, the professional market research is becoming more assertive on the world economy, now with 43 percent of ads most international economic outlook improved, compared with 37 percent in October. Optimism decreases in all regions, with respondents in Asia, Europe and the United States the same treatment as the general situation will improve.

The prospect of a strengthening global economy is a market analysis of the survey. Inventories monitored as an asset class most promising next year, from raw materials. Bonds unlikely to have been the worst performers during the same period. During the next six months include oil, copper, corn and soybean prices to expect.

Participants in the survey said they expect the monetary authorities still appear in the near future. Almost two thirds of investors believe that central banks have in their country, their interest rates steadily over the next six months and more than half of all short-term interest rates should not vary. Six of the 10 to predict long-term growth rates.

Increased confidence is stronger when the world's largest economy. Investors are invited to one or two markets, the best chance this year, the United States estimated in a statistical tie, with some emerging markets: Thirty percent chose to offer the United States, just behind China, 33 percent and Brazil, 32 percent. Three months ago, the United States was a fourth place, chosen by 18 percent.

Respondents expect U.S. stocks continue to rise for the foreseeable future, with 42 percent foresee an increase of the S & P 500 over the next six months, compared with 31 percent that it was expecting a decrease. A quarter of respondents expect index varies only slightly.

The American consumer, to restore confidence, and that alone should not be obstacles for the daily management of the return to growth over the past ten years, said poll respondent Drew Beatty, Analyst Sales of goods derived Wells Fargo Dallas.

While the increase is likely the economy is relatively modest in 2010, we believe it should be accompanied by a double-digit growth in corporate profits since 2011, said John Ryding respondents chief economist of RDQ Economics in New York.

Respondents were also on whether it is more important to stimulate growth in jobs, or to reduce the deficit, divided by 48 percent selecting each option.


Germany Olympic Stadium became a light ocean

Chinese Lantern, well known ancient and modern, while the Zigong Lantern Fair in light of China's culture, style, known as the "best in the world light" of the laudatory title. Zigong Lantern Festival of culture high grade Illumination many fine art and distinctive features, lantern scene Hongkuo known. Now, sitting alone Zigong Lantern Festival is not only in the domestic Throne, but also frequently go abroad, in the Zigong Lantern Festival held overseas to show Chinese culture Ambilight light.

September 1, 2005 Munich, Germany Olympic Stadium became a light ocean, large-scale China Zigong Lantern Festival opened here. Zigong Lantern Festival momentum of the majestic, light group of the Kit Kat, exquisite crafts, local style of thick, so that guests breathtaking. Welcome the audience through the door, saw the lights everywhere Shan Kwong Hoi, Chu Kok King House, Longyou Fung Mo, 21 lanterns formed Illumination of the Grand View Garden, lighting, symphonic poem. According to China's attractions are the classics, myths, legends and themes produced by a large lantern, such as Temple of Heaven, Nine Dragon Wall, Journey to the West scenes, seven fairies and Dong, Zodiac, Baxianguohai, Liu grandmother into the Grand View Park, a huge porcelain dragon, peacock Kai-ping, and so, no wonder the audience to prevent Germany's exquisite Chinese Lantern Spectacular, as well as human nature's intricate Zigong ideas and skills. Linger in the light booth gallery lights, wandered in the light tree Deng Hua, to keep the guests as if into the fantastic realm. Munich Municipal Committee, the Chinese Consul General in Munich, such as a few hundred guests attended the opening ceremony, Chinese Ambassador to the title of the German cultural attache Dong Jun minister and new city of Munich and the German side on behalf of organizer, manager of culture and entertainment, respectively SEG sodium speech, Zigong's acrobatics, dragon and lion dance performances to make the opening ceremony all the more solemn and warm.

The light show will last one month, until the end of September 30, a large number of tourists are expected to watch Zigong Lantern Festival to enjoy the magnificent Chinese culture.


Yao is a very-a long recovery

Out for the season with a leg injury, Yao Ming has recently spent a month in China to attend the Shanghai Sharks, a team he bought in financial difficulties of the Chinese Basketball Association.
Yao hired former guard for the Oklahoma Section of Foreign Affairs John Lucas III, played with the Houston Rockets and former player Garrett Siler, to help rebuild the sharks. Yao played for the Sharks in 1997-2002, before the NBA.

I met almost every day for the start of the season, Yao said recently. I speak as a coach and manager. Its difficult. When Ima Player, play on the ground is hard. But the owner of the team is another story.

Yao is a very-a, long recovery. He last summer after suffering a broken left leg in May 8 playoff game against the Lakers.

The damage raised concerns, especially in China, the 7-foot-6, six-time All-Stars career was in jeopardy. It is then placed in a smaller, removable boot and do some light walking 15 minutes on a treadmill sure that Yao plays in the upcoming season.

My weight is up and down, but (my disposal) are not, said Yao. I try not to focus only on restoring the center each day. I try to do a little more, read more, hear more music.'m Trying more to have time to strengthen my mind.


What is polenta

Polenta is the Italian word for cornmeal. In Italian cuisine, often served soft polenta as a garnish, tomato sauce, vegetables and sausages.

In agriculture, the Amish cooking is usually poured into loaf pans or spray formed into logs and solidify, after which slices, fried it in hot oil and served as a breakfast dish with maple syrup.

One of my favorite hors d 'oeuvres party is polenta pizza purchased pulp. Slice the polenta into circles, place in baking circles and brush with olive oil. Bake in oven at 350 degrees until sauce is hot and dry. Remove from oven and garnish with your favorite pizza fixings like tomatoes,

peppers and cheese. Return to oven and cook until the skin warm and cheese is melted. Through bought polenta, this place is fast and easy to put together and is always a great success.


The next step is an important step

Fujikawa Tadd has many options for the PGA Tour these days, so it is frustrating for the 19 years from Hawaii, devoted to the amount in two rounds and missed the break in the reduction of 芦Sony Open.
The next step is an important step, from one island to another and experience a chance for life on tour Fujikawa.
But the PGA Tour.
Fujikawa has most of his time in Iceland Sea in Georgia, in collaboration with Todd Anderson and his team of coaches working with Zach Johnson, Jonathan Byrd and others. He has one month Egolf Professional Tour - formerly known as the Tar Heel Tour - a 18-tournament schedule from February-October functions.
The fee is US $ 2.000 and costs $ 1,110 to give to each tournament or money to last. The Organization pays the fees for PGA Tour qualifying for the 20 players on the list price.
Try to go out and play as I can and to experience a good tournament, said Fujikawa.
Leaving Paradise is not terribly difficult to Fujikawa and his mother, Lori, has leased a house in Sea of Iceland in recent years.By the way, is an island, an island, right?
The trick? This is another story.
Much of Zach: Zach Johnson led the house two weeks in Hawaii and Arizona can not recur, which was one month away from the PGA Tour.
Former Masters champion Shark Shootout, and the Chevron World Challenge, played in December and believes his game is too high. He wants to focus largely on developments in Florida and do not want to overdo it on the west coast. Of course, this would mean missing Riviera, one of the favorite stops.
Johnson also received a month in 2008 and again in Riviera (the program is different this year) and play the game. And did not win this year and by the autumn series, although this was the year after winning the Masters and finished the operation of the winner for the first time staff.
As he points out that all these years was ready to play.
INTERNATIONAL GOLF: The field has been particularly strong in the Sony Open, the winner of 50 world ranking points. Since last year, and the return of land to AT & T National Conference this summer.
PGA Tour major findings next week with several players ranked in Abu Dhabi, and none of the projected Top 30 in the world who play the Bob Hope Classic.
Chalk that up to several PGA Tour players who belong to Europe and the emergence of money in the Middle East.
Ernie Els wondered how long it will take.
For players like Els and some Europeans, traveling is just a lifestyle, not a burden.
World calendar have been made over the years in question, and Els joked that he would have acted differently, has won more than three majors.
Anatomy of an 8: For a young man whose PGA Tour career, a solid but not spectacular, John Merrick was completely awake while Nick Watney, inviting him to his partner in the World Cup last autumn crockery.
The only bad memory is 8 at the same level-5. It is not unusual, except that it has happened in the best shape of ball.
It at least offers an abbreviated version.
In short, Watney was a refuge from the letter T-shirt and save up to 80 meters in good condition. Merrick went for the green in two to a hybrid, flies a bit and goes straight into the sea. Watney was 65 meters in front of the green and went 64 meters on the grass near a muddy lake. He tries to play against the risk of trains and then take a step back and be on their way to an 8th
What Merrick; took the fall, took a plane and lie fourth in the shot sailed into a green haven, small frame itself. The lumps of fuel shot, chip to 10 feet and missed the putt.
Merrick was the first cup, so he took credit for the 8


global equity markets extend losses as demand for safe securities

Japan 10-year bonds in May rose for a fifth day on speculation local stocks, global equity markets extend losses as demand for safe securities.
Reference yields are at their lowest level in two weeks after falling government bond increased by 15 January and the yen one month against the dollar damped the outlook for exporters. The Ministry of Finance will sell 2.4 trillion yen (26.4 billion dollars), five years later tomorrow.
Bonds should get an adjustment for stock-and-drop to do, said Akihiko Inoue, head of markets analyst in Tokyo at Mizuho Investors Securities Co, a unit of Japan's second largest bank.
Ten one-year bond for March published in London, traded at 139.10 from 139.23 at the close in 3 clock the Tokyo Stock Exchange on January 15. The market opens for trading on 9 hour clock Tokyo.
The 10-year bond is always to do in Japan Bond Trading Co, the largest interdealer debt broker nations.
The yield of 1.3 percent, due December 2019 fell 1.5 basis points to 1.320 percent on Jan. 15. A basis point is 0.01 percentage points. The yield was the lowest since January 5.
Nikkei 225 Stock Futures score in Chicago from 10,970 to 10,870 in Osaka on January 15 exchanged.
500 The Standard & Poors Index fell 1.1 percent in January 15 and the index Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 0.9 percent.
The yen rose to $ 90.60 by January 15, the highest level since December 21. Ten-year Treasury yields down 15 basis points last week.
A deposit of 1.3 percent expire in December 2019 closed from 99.82 to 1.32 percent on Jan. 15 returns after the Bloomberg Yen Bond pricing. The level is average at 6:30 clock in Tokyo by Daiwa Securities Co. Capital Citigroup Global Markets Inc, Japan, Mizuho Securities Co and Mitsubishi UFJ Securities Co. all


Chinese entrepreneurs, investors in Google

Chinese entrepreneurs, investors in Google: So quit. We care. What does it mean that the community of Chinese Tech controversial plan to search Google Uncensor and leave the country? We talked to many Chinese entrepreneurs and venture capitalists as part of a delegation, visited the accident that the Googleplex this week was.
One of Google Nexus sold only 20,000 during the first week, although Nexus Google has a lot of chaos in that entry on the Google Android phone company, the first point of sale is not as impressive. The Nexus is estimated at 20,000 units sold during the first week, according to analyst firm market turmoil.
Our choice for the best of the Consumer Electronics Show has been selected VentureBeat writer Dean Takahashi of the 10 more cool products he saw on the floor shows, press conferences and parties.
Google Earth, bringing GeoEye satellite photos of the destruction of the partnership between the search giant and Haitian experts GeoEye Image allows users to download labeling, which will be satellite photos of Haiti, after the earthquake this week shows for download.
The most popular trends on the map Consumer Electronics, Dean and I discuss the great ideas that we saw at CES this year. These include important as the 3-D and tablet PCs, and some slightly less obvious.
Facebook and privacy: testing for all is a minefield Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg created the remarks on the future of privacy in a firestorm, but VentureBeat writer Kim-Mai Cutler argues that Sugar Mountain is the appropriate place.
Investors are optimistic about the future financing of the game is still through investment, even if they can not reach a hit by the recession. We spoke with four goals savvy venture capital goes to where the industry.
Upload offering, the Google Docs on my new hard disk Googlers predicts that by 2010, the year of Google Docs will be how the new features of the online word processor is a viable alternative to Microsoft Office. Introducing new functionality in the new year: the ability to download any file in Google Docs & Spreadsheets, considering the request to a file storage system.
A123 is known back to pass, Fisker A123Systems provides the bulk of the production of advanced batteries batteries mainly for public offering surprisingly lucrative September last year, just signed a very Fisker Automotive, with batteries for his plug-in hybrid expected. Previously, the company has been relatively calm from the auction, saying quarterly losses and reduce the depth of their trade provides important as Chrysler.
Apple is following the energy giant of their country; Apple seems interested, because patents are only his own group home energy management.


Your desire to become a reality in every way

Faye Wong to the millions of fans hardcore,date reminders, C Chinese pop diva has released the first title, a clear absence of five years.

Wong returns as a soundtrack to the film, the song from the upcoming epic Confucius.
Under the heading, you Cao Lan, Wong passionate vocals are now at the official site of Confucius , a biopic of the famous Chinese director Hou May (kingdom Yongzheng) and actor Chow Yun-Fat (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) and Zhou Xun ( message).

It has a very Chinese style, Cao Lan and melodic tune. Consists of only 64 Chinese characters, the texts have been adapted from the eulogy of the Tang dynasty writer Han Yu, orchids, reminiscent of the great philosopher Confucius.

The ethereal and sublime voice of Faye Wong bridges the beauty of the mortal world and the sky, said director Hu Mei the site of Confucius.

The queen of pop, stated that the decision to return was the subject of the film.
Over the past two decades, the signing of Faye Wong lightweight, yet haunting vocals and innocent picture revolutionary individualist enthusiastic audiences worldwide. Chinese ballads and soul of old school rock and roll, New Age and R & B, is known for its musical fusion of Eastern philosophy with Western rhythms.

Smash Hits as Fragile Woman, beans, I am ready for love and have seen the rise Wong music charts several times.
Faye Wong presented the first Chinese pop singer on the cover of the magazine Time, made in 1996. The report entitled diva pop, international media attention and not cause a large number of magazines to follow suit.

It was listed by Guinness World Records as the best Topping Canto-Pop-list vendor for women in March 2000 with a turnover of 9.7 million albums.
Born in Beijing in 1969, Wong inherited a talent for music from his mother, a soprano with the Beijing Railway Art Troupe was. At 15, has released several albums on low-budget imitation of Chinese ballad sensation Teresa Teng.

Moving to Hong Kong with his family in 1987, life began Wong musical career and became famous in 1992 with the album Coming Home. The fragile individual women in this album was a hit No. 1 and became the Song of the Year by TVB, a television station in Hong Kong to secure the scene.

In subsequent years, four best-selling albums, 18 gigs, and their role in Wong Kai-Wai award-winning film Chungking Express was one of the greatest artists in China. Their popularity soon spread throughout Asia and in March 1999, gave two concerts at Nippon Budokan in Japan honorable behavior is the singer of Chinese origin in the city.

Your desire to become a reality in every way, Wong has been a major target of the paparazzi during a break of five years. Media speculation about their return never stopped.
During their return to the music scene has been welcomed by fans and critics, many questions their motives.

To say that the election of Faye Wong, as the singer of the song is not any commercial consideration would be hypocritical, a Confucius, quoted by the ifeng. Manufacturer Com, adding that his voice is perfect for the song. Internet rumors are speculation Wong is now the richest Chinese singer of all time.


Eddie has to go on the shelf

Now that the victory and Eddie Cibrian, mother of two children and his wife of eight years, split, Brandi Glanville, LeAnn Rimes seem surprised when the wandering eye of the wandering husband's forces.
Rimes has apparently taken up residence in the dressing room trailer, just back from where Eddie has to go on the shelf.